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4 Tips to Perfect Wedding Hair and Makeup for Your Big Day

Most ladies have dreamed of their wedding day from the time they were just girls. Wearing a beautiful dress and feeling like a princess is a desire we hang onto for years. To make that desire a reality, here are four tips to achieve the perfect hair and makeup for your wedding day.

Take Care of Yourself

The most important tip comes before any makeup or hair products come near you. While you should always be taking care of yourself, take some extra care in the weeks leading up to your wedding.

This should include staying hydrated, keeping your skin clean and exfoliating, and resting – at a minimum. These actions will help to enhance your beauty even further and provide a great foundation for anything you have done for your wedding.

Consider Your Dress

The best wedding hair and makeup should be inspired by the style of your dress. For example, some necklines look better with an up-do while others do better with long flowing locks. The shape, color, and material can all have a direct impact on your overall look and your wedding photographs.

Don’t Forget the Lighting and the Venue

Makeup can be greatly impacted by the type of lighting you will be under. If you have wedding makeup applied for a bright, sunny day but the interior lights are dim, that makeup will take on an entirely different look.

This is why it’s so important to have your makeup planned according to the lighting you will be under. Additionally, the color scheme of your venue can either enhance or undo your appearance.

Seek Help

Your wedding day is important – too important to take chances with your hair and makeup. Seeking professional help can ensure that every bit of your wedding makeup and hair flows with your dress, the lighting, the color scheme, your natural beauty, and more.

You want to be the princess you are on your big day, and we want to help make that happen. Contact us today to discuss your wedding desires so that we can create the best possible look for your dream day.

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