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Award Winning Makeup & Hair Design
by tracy saunders makeup

Creating beauty for the moments that makeup your life.

Tracy Saunders Makeup Team is a vast team of professional makeup artists, hair stylists, and facial specialists who offer makeup and hair services in Seattle, Washington on location.

Anyone positioned in front of the camera, or for today’s high-definition television productions, videography, print, and editorial photography, or any form of digital media, will experience the benefits of hiring Tracy Saunders makeup Team’s professional makeup and hair services in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. Their makeup and hair kits are always clean and ready for:

  • High-definition television productions in all forms

  • Corporate events, training videos, headshots for all branding, ad campaigns & social media

  • Conventions/Conferences, VIPs & keynote speakers, photo lounge & after-party glam stations

  • Live stage events

  • Weddings & other special occasions

  • Galas & fundraising events

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