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Tips for the Perfect Bridal Makeup

Wedding days are special, especially for the bride. Whether it’s your first time walking down the aisle or not, you’d still want to look your best, both in person and in photos. That’s why having the perfect bridal makeup on is just as crucial as having the perfect wedding dress.

Don’t make the mistake of treating your bridal hair and makeup as an afterthought. Here are some simple tips that can help you look your best on your most special day.

Pick a Theme

Ideally, your bridal look is going to be a cohesive one. From your dress to your shoes, to your headdress and bouquet, and, yes, even your hair and makeup–everything should be on point.

Having a theme helps you limit and define your options, while also allowing you to explore a wide variety of styles that fit within your set theme. Many brides fall into the trap of having too many options, which can stall their preparations. Having a theme helps tighten the organization of the wedding preps.

Most of all, it ensures that the makeup style of the bride will be styled appropriately to make them shine and glow throughout the event. You’d want you to be the center of the attention as you walk down that aisle, and having bridal makeup that is complemented by the rest of the venue’s theme can help achieve that.

Find the Right Makeup Artist

Be thorough in your selection of the right bridal makeup artist. It’s easier nowadays to check out their portfolio, because they will typically post on their professional website or social media accounts. From there, you can figure out if they are able to execute the style that you want. You can even derive inspiration or ideas from their previous works, in case you’re still not set on a theme for your look.

Another way to determine if they are the right one for you is to check the reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Honest reviews will tell you if they are easy to work with. Not only that, but how they respond to these reviews, whether good or bad, can give you an idea of how they treat their clients.

Set Up A Makeup Trial

Let’s say you have more than one makeup artist you’re interested in. Or perhaps you’ve honed in on one but would still like to make sure you’re making the right choice. Setting up a makeup trial is a great way to confirm if this is the makeup artist that would like to work with.

Not only can you get a firsthand experience of their skills, you can also see how comfortable you are going to be with them. This is actually an important part of the wedding preparations, because of course nobody wants to have a stressed bride.

How they are able to handle your disposition even in the most crucial or stressful of moments can play a big role in the success of your preparations. That’s why it’s important to be on good terms with your makeup artist.

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