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Looking your best as a business professional is key to making a great first impression and hiring the best corporate makeup and hair artists in Orlando will help you do just that! 

Are you updating your company headshots for business cards, brochures, websites, or ad campaign? 

Attending an important business meeting?

Are you presenting as a convention keynote speaker?

Giving a press release?

Creating an online webinar?

Going for a job interview?

Tracy Saunders Makeup Team’s professional makeup and hair styling services give you an extra boost of confidence and what could be the “winning edge” over your competition.

Everyone knows that when you look good… you feel more confident!

So whether you’re speaking at a large corporate event or attending an important business meeting, putting your best face forward and walking with confidence gains respect instantly!

If you are a multi-media marketing company, corporation, event planner, or ad agency looking to hire a professional makeup and hair styling crew for headshots, videos, live tapings, seminars, music videos, webinars, infomercials, or tv shows, Tracy Saunders Makeup is the company you are looking for.  They are easy to book, licensed and insured, always on time, efficient and reliable. With a professional attitude, always dressed for the occasion, and with a work ethic to match, they will make you look and feel great. 


Look below to see some of the companies we've had the sincere pleasure of making their clients look fantastic with our professionally done hair and makeup services! 


Cristian Roldan (Seattle Sounders)

John Riccitiello (CEO Unity Technologies)

Robert Dunlop (CEO and President of KCTS) 

Jay Martin Jr 2022 (Host KCTS)

Knute Berger (Mossback)

Common (Singer and Entertainer)

Ray Dalton (Grammy Singer) 2020

Kedest Tesfagiorgis (Microsoft) 2020

Randi Zuckerberg 2018

Ms India Washington, 2017

Meenal D'Rock:  Ms India Seattle, 2016


AT&T, Amazon, Microsoft, KCTS9-PBS, Amazon, Unity Technology, Microsoft Media Technology: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Chateau Ste Michelle | Big Rock Productions | Visette Boutique | Amazon | Seattle Credit Union| Kahani Fashion| SanMar Canada | The Finerie| Atelier Productions | Vann-Edge Salon | Zhush Photography | Langston Hughes Cultural Center | Kahlil Silver/ Production: All Good Things, LLC | Farinaz Taghavi | KING 5 News | Bomond Vodka | Elizabeth Lambert Designs | Third and Loom Designs | Julie Danforth Designs | RVPPRCO Company | Seattle Aphrodite Designs| Surreal Magazine | Vancouver Fashion Week |Seattle Fashion Week | Terra Staffing Group | Shaw + Scott Real Estate | Gustavo Apiti Couture |  Jersey Virago Designs | Lunaversoul Jewelry |Maria Venturini Designs | Rossario George | Menka Soni designer | Lisa-Marie Couture | Vertizon Photography | John J. Martinotti Photography

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