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Bridal Stylist

How a Bridal Stylist Can Help Make Your Dream Come True!

A bridal stylist is someone who is there to help you plan and prepare for your big day. While the specifics a bridal stylist offers vary to a degree, most offer the following:

Planning session: This session is offered to discuss the details of your wedding appearance and your needs.

Recommendations: Some bridal stylists offer multiple services, including hair and makeup like we do at Tracy Saunders Makeup.


Some only offer one or a couple. However, if there is something the stylist does not offer, they will provide recommendations for other professionals that will suit your needs.

Day of services: Again, these services can vary, but they are provided to help your day go as well as you wish.

As a bridal stylist team, we are here to help you make your dream wedding look come true from the planning to the execution phase. Book your Coffee Chat with us today to get started.

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