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Makeup Photoshoot for Tracy Saunders Blog

Hair and Makeup BLOG

Two Decades of Beauty: A Practical Insider's Look

Hey there! I'm Tracy from Tracy Saunders Makeup. 
After spending 20 years in the hair and makeup game, I'm ready to spill the beans. This blog isn't about sugar-coating the industry; it's a no-nonsense peek behind the scenes.

I've seen trends pop up and fizzle out, tried-and-true techniques hold their ground, and countless faces transform under my hands. This ain't just about tips and tricks; it's about the real stuff that goes down in the world of beauty.

From the chaos backstage to the quiet moments in the makeup chair, my journey has been a rollercoaster. This blog is your backstage pass to the ups, downs, and everything in between in my career.

Whether you're a makeup rookie, a hair pro, or just curious about what happens when the spotlight's off, I'm here to spill it all. Let's ditch the fluff and get real about the nitty-gritty of this ever-changing industry.

Ready for a no-BS look behind the mirror? Buckle up – we're diving in.


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