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Tracy Saunders Makeup Team offers print and editorial makeup and hair in Seattle WA.
When great photography meets great makeup and hairstyling the results are magic!

Tracy Saunders Makeup Team’s editorial work has been published in numerous local and national publications such as Ferre MagazineThe Knot, Moevir MagazinePump Magazine, Surreal Magazine, and Structure and Form Magazine.

We consistently work with numerous large and small marketing firms, as well as many Washington-based businesses, to help make everyone look their best for their corporate image and branding. 

Our multi-talented team can create or recreate any concept from a corporate American business look to a timeless beauty; from a vintage Hollywood look to today’s hottest trends. Whatever your heart desires, they can create the look! 

We clearly understand the importance of how various skin tones appear under different light temperatures and what effects makeup will have on the final result.



Regardless if a shoot takes place inside a controlled studio environment, or outside and on location, whether it is a close-up shot, or from a distance, one person or many people, Tracy Saunders Makeup Team has the know-how and the proper tools to get the job done right the first time! This means less time in post and photoshop and more time to be creative.  This is the reason so many photographers refer, rehire, and love working with this team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists.

She Believed she could, So she did

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